Tula True Colors 3 Yard Bundle

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This bundle will have 1 yard of Cotton Candy Fairy Dust, 2 Tula True Colors.  Fabrics may differ from image.

Grab this limited edition 3 yard bundle of Tula Pink fabrics for a bargain and enter into a Tula Quick Quilt Top Challenge from The Fiberology Lab.

Create a 3 yard quilt with this bundle using a 3 yard quilt pattern from the following any of the books only:  (all books are available from The Lab)

  • Quick n Easy
  • Easy Does It
  • Quilts in a Jiffy

Then send a finished image to us and you'll be entered into a drawing for at Tula Pink Quilt kit, value of $200!  

Challenge runs from December 16th - January 2nd.  Quilt does not need to be quilted, tops are totally fine.  Drawing will be live Monday, January 3rd at 9am with our kick off Morning Show!