Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Cords: Green - 24"

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Yellow cord: Length = 8" to make 16" IC needle Blue cord: Length = 11" to make 20" IC needle Green cord: Length = 14" to make 24" IC Needle Orange cord: Length = 22" to make 32" IC needle Red cord: Length = 30" to make 40"IC needle Resilient, flexible cords lay flat, with no kink or twist – easy to store Smooth join – enables stitches to slide around needles effortless Long threaded screw-in “join” insures that cord and needles stay connected Tightening hole provided in the metal join for extra secure tightening Specially designed “key” facilitates effortless tightening End caps easily fit on cord and keeps knitting safe Packaging: Set of One Cord, Two-End Caps & One Cord Key