About Us

Welcome to The Fiberology Lab!

The Fiberology Lab embraces friends, fibers and fun!  Our mission is to connect and grow a local community of hobbyists with the right tools and continuing education that follow the industry’s trends.  Our expert staff helps to inspire, educate, problem solve and build long term relationships with our customers.

Toni Carringer, owner of The Fiberology Lab, has been in the industry for over 10 years and has learned a variety of hobbies over the past 25 years.  Toni enjoys teaching a variety of techniques and seeing success in her student’s creativity.

In addition to owning The Fiberology Lab, Toni has owned a fiber shop previously and has worked in three other retails shops—two quilt shops and one yarn shop.  She has attends various trade show events to learn new trends, network with fellow shop owners and learn new industry techniques.  She is an avid quilter, a knitter and a teacher for over 12 years.  Toni is a mother of four, a grandmother of two (soon to be three) and is married to Kevin, retired Air Force, for over 30 years!

Toni is active in her community as a second term Vice President of the Jackson Square Business Association located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The Fiberology Lab participates with other businesses in Jackson Square monthly to build our local community through creativity and friendships.

We are located in the heart of old Oak Ridge as part of the Jackson Square community, the original Townsite.  Our space original to Oak Ridge, 1943 and has been a recreation center, a jewelry store and a credit bureau.

We hope you will join us and become a part of our creative community!