Need a Jar Opener?

Posted by Toni on

Looking for a fun and easy project or in need of a thoughtful gift for someone? Look no further than this cute jar opener! We made these as our Make It Take It Project earlier this year and it was a hit. 

We had so many out-of-town customers reach out asking how they could participate, so we whipped up a quick video to give you some tips (check it out below). 

You're going to need four items for this project:

  • a small magnet
  • two pieces of fabric cut into six and a half inch squares
  • a little piece of rubber shelving.

I got my rubber shelving and magnet at the dollar store, so that's an easy way to go. As for fabric, I know we all have plenty of scraps! Just grab a few handfuls and cut out some 6.5" squares. 

From here, you're going to create a sandwich with the shelf lining in between the  fabric. Use clips to help you hold everything in place as you go to stitch it. Make sure to leave a two inch opening.

Then we're going to sew a quarter-inch seam all the way around as we make our sandwich, putting that in the middle and leaving an opening about two inches. Once you've done that, voila, we have our little sandwiches that we need to turn inside out. Make sure you clip your corners. That will help make those corners lay flat. 

Typically when I turn things inside out, I use a chop stick for my turning tool. I use the big end of the chopstick for the starting point, and then push the farthest point away from the hole and before turning it inside out. It's a lot easier because there's not a lot of bulk by the hole, and once you pull it, it comes right all the way through. You're going to work it with your fingers. The only problem with this shelving material is that it is sticky and it kinda sticks to the project. It might take a few minutes for you to flip it around. 

The next thing we're going to do is stitch an X in the center of this. Basically, what that does is just tack all those layers down so when you're opening your jar, it's not going to be sliding all over the place. So you want to put an X. It doesn't have to be so big. It can be a little small one. You can even just tack it down if you want to, up to you.

The next step, once you've got your X down is you're going to slip your magnet into your hole. Make sure it's in between the fabric and not in between the shelving lining and that fabric piece. Make sure it's in the fabric. Then we're going to seal up that hole by doing a quarter-inch seam all the way around to secure it.

That's it. Bam, done! And it is now magnetized so it will definitely hold onto the refrigerator. It's a super simple project. You can do it with your kids or grandkids this summer. If you sat down for an hour you could easily make 10 or 15 of them. 

When you're sewing, make sure you have the rubber sides facing up because it'll be easier for your walking foot to grab it. I do recommend a walking foot with this process because if you just use a regular eight foot or a quarter inch foot, it's going to slide and slip, or it's going to just stay stuck to the bottom of the foot. So make sure you use your walking foot and just make sure this is facing up. That way that feed dogs underneath aren't chewing it apart. 

But there you go, there's your jar opener gift idea for the holidays, for summer gifts, for canning season, whatever you need it for. 

 If you have any questions, you can call me (865) 294-5612 or email me at Thank you so much. You guys have a great week, and remember we are friends, fibers, and fun.